Clinic restrooms must remain dry and clean throughout clinic hours. But making it remain appealing to patients with different health conditions can be a challenge due to the dingy grout in between tiles that makes the whole restroom grubby.

Grout can damage floor performance and may result in accidents such as slips and falls. It can also facilitate the spread of dangerous pathogens. Prevent this from happening. Here’s a foolproof strategy you can use to keep your clinic restrooms free from stained grouts.

Scrub tiles with warm water

One highly effective way to soften molds and dirt stuck in porous grout lines is by using hot water. Scrubbing using warm water efficiently releases the grime between tiles and other surfaces. As a result, you will spend minimal elbow grease in ridding molds, stains, and mildew.

Apply whitening agents

After removing all the filth, your next goal is to whiten these grout lines. Whitening the grout will help improve patients’ positive impression of your facility.

There three methods you can use to whiten your clinic restrooms’ dingy

  • Scrubbing with a mixture of baking soda, ammonia, and vinegar;
  • Saturating it with natural acid such as pure lemon juice; and
  • Soaking it on oxygen bleach for at least 15 minutes.

Use a strong disinfecting solution

Once all the cleaning is done, it’s time to disinfect to eradicate the microbes and pathogens that have been living in the grout.

Disinfect using a powerful antiviral microbial disinfectant that kills germs, fungi, and viruses. One smart pick is Dr. Joe’s Pro Strength Disinfectant that kills dangerous microbes in just minutes.

Spraying or applying antiviral cleaning agents will help you ensure that grout lines are decontaminated and will stay clean white longer.

Maintaining your clinic restrooms’ cleanliness all day is essential in keeping every patient and staff safe. With these simple steps, everyone will keep having a good impression of your clinic. Just remember to clean and disinfect regularly.