Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, and walk ins are some of the most exposed facilities to germs and bacteria. This is a risk to those working and caring for patients, as well as the patients themselves.

Clean and empty clinic front desk

Proper disinfection is key to keeping control of pathogens and microbes. Dr. Joe’s Pro Biovex/Oxine provides the operators a safe and convenient system to reduce the spread of blood borne pathogens and communicable infections from non-porous surfaces throughout the facility.

Use a powerful disinfectant agent

Simple wet wipes will not be able to prevent harmful bacteria, fungi, germs, and viruses from thriving on surfaces. You need to use specially-made antimicrobial disinfectant to thoroughly kill disease-causing microbes that lurk around the facility. Biovex/Oxine works immediately on contact and leave no residue or harmful byproducts behind. It is also non-corrosive on expensive medical devises and equipment.

Flexibility in application

Dr. Joe’s Pro Biovex/Oxine provides full flexibility in application of the solution. It can be used in Electrostatic sprayers, foggers, hand spray bottles, etc. It can also be carried in a 4oz bottle with staff throughout the day and used on equipment, beds, walls, floors, surfaces, restrooms, showers, whirlpools, etc.

Always wear disposable gloves

Wearing gloves helps stop the spread of bacteria. Use gloves when giving incoming patients a precursory assessment, when handling medical equipment, or when cleaning or disinfecting your desk using a commercial disinfectant.

Get rid of clutter

Throw away unnecessary papers piling up on your desk because there’s a high chance they’re contaminated. Regularly clean the front desk of clutter to maintain cleanliness.