Cleaning the Clinic? Here Are Some Simple Tips to Begin

Healthcare-associated infection is a big threat to people going in and out of a healthcare facility. Cleanliness is very crucial in hospitals or clinics to reduce the spread of diseases and prevent patients from acquiring new infections such as the COVID-19 virus. Below are some simple yet essential tips in cleaning a healthcare facility to secure the safety of both employees and patients. Start from the cleanest areas The [...]

Quick Home Cleaning Tips Know Where to Begin

Aside from person to person transmission, bacteria and viruses can also spread from person to surface. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, even if you strictly stay at home, different areas of your home may still expose you to different levels of bacteria and viruses. But with regular cleaning and disinfecting, you can prevent germs and viruses from harming your health. Find out where to begin cleaning your home [...]

Why Regularly Cleaning Your Restaurant is a Priority in 2020

All restaurants around the world keep cleanliness and sanitation a top priority next to quality food. No matter how indulging a cuisine if the environment says differently, customers will steer away. Maintaining this aspect in food service can mean a better reputation or a bigger loss. Today, sanitation has become an even bigger concern due to the ongoing pandemic. With some restaurants starting to reopen, observing cleanliness and safety [...]