With so much newfound awareness for cleanliness, many people have become more adamant in finding products that will help ensure their safety and give them peace of mind. As a result, cleaning and disinfectant products saw a surge in sales. Statista even reported a dramatic sales increase in aerosol disinfectants.

But are you sure you’re using the right products to disinfect your home, offices, and commercial buildings? We listed five of the most important things to consider when choosing a disinfectant.

Wide spectrum of activity

Choose a disinfectant that has a broad range of activity. Don’t settle for disinfectants that only kill a small number of bacteria. Look for an antimicrobial disinfectant that promises to eliminate numerous kinds of harmful microorganisms, pathogens, bacteria, germs, viruses, and molds.

Another thing you should consider is that it must be hospital-grade and EPA-approved. It should also meet the requirement of all types of facilities, be it a home, hospital, or commercial building.

Dr. Joe’s Pro Commercial Strength Disinfectant is that type of disinfectant. This antiviral cleaning agent can be used in a variety of applications such as electrostatic sprayers, foggers, and commercial sprayers, among many others.

Fast kill time

A disinfectant is only effective when it can kill pathogens the moment it makes contact with the area or surface it treats. The typical kill time for a disinfectant is thirty seconds to five minutes. When a disinfectant takes effect upon application, you ensure that all dangerous microorganisms are wiped out rapidly, saving yourself from applying it again.

Safe for people and animals

Not all disinfectants are created equal. As much as you would want to kill viruses and bacteria fast, avoid choosing toxic solutions that have a strong corrosive effect and leave stains on surfaces. And make sure that it’s non-carcinogenic and does not contain harmful residue.

Harmless to the environment

Check if a disinfectant is approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) even if the label tells you that it’s environment-friendly. OMRI-approved disinfectants assure you that the product qualifies as organic under the USDA’s National Organic Program. After all, your disinfectants wind up on drains, sinks, and even your yard, then, eventually, to nature.

Stable in concentrated and diluted forms

The stability of a disinfectant helps maintain its effectivity for any type of application without affecting its integrity. Remember that a good disinfectant can kill harmful pathogens regardless if it’s concentrated or diluted.

Ready to choose your next all-around disinfectant? Make sure to remember these characteristics so you can eliminate all potential pathogens.