Retail stores are an indispensable and unavoidable part of our daily lives. These establishments are a place where there is a constant rush of people and interpersonal activity, which translates to a higher risk of spreading contagious viruses. Thus, they must remain clean and disinfected regularly as much as they are stocked with essential goods every day.

Although retail stores have basic cleaning procedures in place, this does not necessarily mean that retail environments are clean and disinfected. Revisiting your cleaning procedure will help ensure your retail store, employees, and customers remain safe from contagious viruses. We detail a three-step method of cleaning and disinfecting retail store facilities to keep employees and customers safe.


Don’t confuse cleaning with disinfecting. Cleaning is superficial and only removes accumulated dirt, dust, and debris. This step involves scrubbing and washing. Accurately executing this simple process guarantees a more effective disinfection process.
Here are two important cleaning steps store managers must remember.

  1. Wipe down touchpoints
    Using a washcloth soaked in a solution formulated with an antiviral cleaning agent, wipe all possible areas where customers and employees make indirect contacts with each other, such as cart handles and trays.
  2. Wash retail floors and surfaces
    Mopping floors and surfaces throughout the day does not ensure that these areas are clean. Every closing hours, retail store personnel need to wash both floors and counters with a cleaning solution to remove soil and other debris.


Disinfection kills bacteria and prevents them from respawning on hard and nonporous areas. Use a commercial disinfectant during the disinfection process because this type of disinfectant contains active ingredients that destroy many viruses and bacteria after seconds of contact.

Dr. Joe’s Pro Commercial Strength Disinfectants are EPA-approved antimicrobial disinfectants that kill all known viruses, germs, bacteria, mold, and fungi. It’s non-corrosive, so it’s safe to use on metal counters, pushcarts, and other metal surfaces. Simply spray this environment-friendly solution on cleaned areas, and your store is ready for another busy day.


Put all the protective gear, such as gloves, in a sealable plastic bag, and properly dispose of them after cleaning and disinfecting. Remind the cleaning personnel to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds immediately after removing the gloves, then use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Cleaning and disinfecting retail stores are a necessary practice today. Implement this three-step method to guaranteed retail environment cleanliness and prevent the spread of diseases.