Healthcare-associated infection is a big threat to people going in and out of a healthcare facility. Cleanliness is very crucial in hospitals or clinics to reduce the spread of diseases and prevent patients from acquiring new infections such as the COVID-19 virus.

Below are some simple yet essential tips in cleaning a healthcare facility to secure the safety of both employees and patients.

Start from the cleanest areas

The most common mistake in cleaning clinics is starting at the dirtiest areas first before cleaning the other parts of the clinic. This cleaning pattern will likely increase the chance of spreading pathogens and other microorganisms throughout the room. To correct this mistake, start cleaning from the dirtier areas like the side table, lamp, or windows. Then, focus on the frequently touched surfaces before going to the dirtiest areas like the sink and bathroom.

Don’t forget to disinfect

Cleaning alone is always not enough in clinics or other healthcare facilities. Instead, always disinfect using an effective antimicrobial disinfectant like Dr. Joe’s Pro Commercial Strength Disinfectant. In choosing a cleaning agent, make sure to look at the safety profile and the effectiveness of the product to prevent damages on the surfaces upon application. Using a disinfectant is an effective approach in killing germs and preventing them to thrive longer, especially on high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, bathroom handrails, faucets, etc.

Use proper personal protective equipment

In doing a thorough cleaning and disinfecting, it is also important to protect yourself from acquiring any infections or viruses. Make sure to wear proper PPE such as disposable aprons, protective eyewear, face mask, and latex gloves. In between the cleaning process, make sure to change gloves as well to prevent cross-contamination. Most importantly, wash your hands before and after cleaning the facility.