Clinic facilities undoubtedly have a high susceptibility to disease-causing bacteria and viruses. If proper steps are not taken, healthcare staff and patients become at risk of contracting contagious illnesses through contamination. Cleaning protocols can mitigate the spread of bacteria in this environment.

Here are simple steps your healthcare facility can do to prevent the spread of pathogens, bacteria, and viruses.

Use a hospital-grade disinfectant

When it comes to cleaning clinic facilities, using the right products always gives the most desirable result. The appropriate supplies will help your clinic steer clear of pathogens that increase contamination risks. Always use hospital-grade antimicrobial disinfectants throughout the clinic, especially in the lobby areas and hallways, as well as major touchpoints like bed rails, doorknobs, bedside tables, and IV stands.

These types of disinfectants kill microorganisms invisible to the naked eye, preventing the spread of pathogens and dreaded virus contamination. A smart choice for this type of supply is Dr. Joe’s Pro Commercial Strength Disinfectant , a hospital-grade disinfectant registered by EPA that kills all known viruses. It can be used with any commercial and static sprayers, allowing complete coverage on surfaces.

Follow good personal hygiene

Regular clinic disinfection using commercial disinfectants is just one component in preventing virus contamination. Cleanliness and sanitation should be all-encompassing. To preserve health safety in clinic facilities, every staff and patient should be encouraged to exercise proper hand hygiene. Good personal hand hygiene consists of only a few steps:

1. Wash hands using soap. Make sure to create foam and lather and scrub it on your hand’s soles, fingernails, and up until your elbows for at least 20 seconds.

2. Rinse your hands and dry them using a clean towel. Don’t use any type of air dryer because they can catalyze the growth of bacteria, according to a 2018 study.

3. Apply alcohol or alcohol-based sanitizers.

Schedule routine clinic cleaning and disinfection

Enforcing routine clinic cleaning and disinfection further lowers the possibility of contamination. You can hire professional commercial cleaners that follow set procedures and utilize EPA-approved antiviral cleaning agents . Another option to take is to train staff on basic cleaning and disinfecting protocols, so they can help minimize risks of contamination.

A healthcare clinic facility should be an environment that promotes good health and safety. Thus, it should always remain clean and disinfected. Refine your clinic’s cleaning protocols to lessen — if not avoid — virus contamination and infection among your staff and patients.