Hospitals & Clinics

Provides medical staff and patients a safe and convenient medical grade disinfectant that reduces the spread of blood borne pathogens and communicable infections.

Schools & Colleges

A safe and organic solution that can be spread across the campus, from classrooms to locker rooms.

Office & Retail

Easy to apply and safe solution for complete disinfection, as well as high traffic touch points.

Fitness Centers

Provides facilities a safe and convenient disinfectant that reduces spread of infectious pathogens. Simply spray and walk away on all hard surfaces

Hospitality & Hotels

Provide staff and guests a hospital grade, non-toxic solution. Spray and go application saves on product and labor costs.


Cost effective surface disinfectant that leaves no harmful residue behind

Conference Centers

Safe, organic, and eco-friendly solution easily applied with drones, electrostatic sprayers, etc.


A non corrosive, safe solution applied with any equipment for large coverage. Convenient and affordable for large coverage.

Transit Centers

With ability to use in any application, full coverage can be achieved at low product and labor cost

Correction Facilities

Staff and contractors can easily apply solution multiple times per day for deep cleaning and high traffic areas.