All restaurants around the world keep cleanliness and sanitation a top priority next to quality food. No matter how indulging a cuisine if the environment says differently, customers will steer away. Maintaining this aspect in food service can mean a better reputation or a bigger loss.

Today, sanitation has become an even bigger concern due to the ongoing pandemic. With some restaurants starting to reopen, observing cleanliness and safety standards will be a huge balancing element for their continuous operation.

But more than keeping your restaurant operating, there are other important reasons why you should clean, sanitize, and disinfect your restaurant regularly.

Keep customers and staff safe and healthy

Your main priority is for your staff and customers to stay healthy. It’s imperative that you follow safety guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus and other illnesses. Encourage people to observe social distancing protocols, and tell them to sanitize upon entering and walking out of your establishment.

On the other hand,to ensure that your staff is protected,require contactless and cashless payment so that they’ll minimize contact with different people.

Most importantly,thoroughly wipe the floors clean as frequently as possible with Dr. Joe’s Pro Commercial Strength disinfectant that has the ability to eliminate all forms of microbes, including fungi, viruses, and all forms of bacteria.

Avoid food contamination

One of the main goals of maintaining restaurant sanitation is to avoid food contamination regardless if there is a pandemic or none. Make sure every table,trays, and utensils are clean and disinfected with an antimicrobial disinfectant or through other applicable means.

Since you can’t be sure of the microorganisms in the air, cover every order with a cloche when serving. This way you minimize, if not totally eradicate,the risk of contamination.

A lot of people will touch the same areas in your restaurant, given the nature of your business. These areas can be hotspots for viruses, fungi, germs, and other microbes. Ensure you keep these areas clean throughout the day by spraying Dr. Joe’s Pro that rapidly kills contaminants within minutes on any surface with no residue left behind.

Promote restaurant’s safety image

The world will be closely watching how restaurants will operate these days. Thus, it’s essential you set procedures that every employee in your business will follow. Create a “cleanliness & disinfecting” checklist that staff can use and refer to during shifts. Thoroughly familiarize them with the new norm, and remind them of the importance of constant disinfection using an antiviral cleaning agent.

How your restaurant follows and observes proper and acceptable procedures will determine how long you can keep your operations going in these uncertain times.


Keeping your restaurant open this year can be especially hard. But keep in mind why you opened one in the first place. It’s to serve and delight people with your cuisine. With good food and a clean, disinfected establishment, you can continue to operate even in these uncertain times.