You probably spend approximately an hour a day cleaning your home like most Americans. But even if you’re a fastidious cleaner, some spots can be neglected where germs and bacteria will remain hidden. We listed three of the most unexpected places you should prioritize when you’re cleaning your safe zone.

Knobs, handles, and switches

The knobs, handles, and switches all over your home contain thousands of germs and bacteria, making your family susceptible to illnesses. Although cleaning these spots should be prioritized, some focus on more obvious places.
Dr. Joe suggests classifying them as the top three priorities when cleaning your home. Always start with wiping these spots with a strong antimicrobial cleaning agent such as Dr. Joe’s Pro Commercial Strength Disinfectant.

Sinks and Countertops

Kitchen countertops and sinks are hotspots for bacteria. From the raw foods you buy to the tissue you carelessly leave behind,there are innumerable reasons why these two places in your home might be teeming with hazardous microbes.

To ensure these places are free of germs,thoroughly wash and sanitize them with an antimicrobial disinfectant that allows complete sanitation coverage on surfaces.

Kitchen utensil drawer

You’re wrong if you think your utensils stay clean once you store them in your kitchen utensil drawer. According to, a cutlery drawer contains four times more bacteria than a toilet handle. This means numerous germs latch on your spoon and forks every time you store them in the drawer, which can facilitate the spread of germs.

Avoid this from happening by emptying and sanitizing your drawer every day. Scrub or brush all its crevices and disinfect with commercial disinfectant,then leave it open to dry.

With the current situation, it’s better to tidy up your house’s every nook and cranny to minimize the risk of contracting viruses and getting sick. Create a cleaning disinfection schedule as well as a checklist of areas that needs extra attention and repeated disinfection.